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Amaru Studs Silver

Amaru Studs Silver


Contemporary stud earrings that will intrigue. A great alternative to classic designs. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

  • Length Approx. 23mm / 2.3cm

    Width Approx. 18mm / 1.8cm

    A hand carved black acrylic base holds hundreds of individually drilled in and secured metallic elements. In a shimmering brushed satin finish the colour graduates from dark grey to white silver, an ombre of precious metal. Layered over each other to create a scale like effect reminiscent of natural life. Carefully handcrafted by Emmeline, each pair are unique. 

    These studs are comfortable in the ear, with an extra large silver scroll earring back. Sterling silver posts 

    Please note these earrings are hand made to order and may vary slightly from images. 


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